Network for
modern production

Network for modern production

Jointly creating added

value for users and providers

On our IoT platform we offer you a growing network for technology, app and innovation partnerships. To get an overview of AXOOM's partners and to get to know their services and software offerings around the Smart Factory at the same time, there is the AXOOM Marketplace. Benefit from the market overview – or contact us to become a partner yourself!

Networking in a class of its own – as a machine builder or manufacturing company, get the most out of the possibilities of the AXOOM partner ecosystem! Collaboratively, we create added value by bringing together users and providers of software applications on the AXOOM Marketplace.

In this way, we enable our customers to make use of a variety of solutions for various aspects of the Smart Factory.

Use the network – benefit from AXOOM Marketplace

The AXOOM Marketplace is a gathering place for smart solution providers. Users get an unbiased overview of the market for software applications and services, and are able to directly contact providers.

The AXOOM Marketplace: the right place to be…

  • if you are looking for new tools to make your production more efficient
  • if you would like expert advice on your first steps into Industry 4.0
  • if you want to find out which software applications for the Smart Factory are available on the market and what you could possibly contribute

Our goal: We want to offer our customers the latest technologies and solutions for their individual requirements. That's why we work closely with leading companies in the Industry 4.0 sector who are integrated within our platform.


Forging partnerships – for apps and other innovations

In the AXOOM Marketplace we offer an up-to-date and unbiased overview of what AXOOM partners offer in the areas of IIoT and Industry 4.0. The Marketplace represents the springboard for development of the new AXOOM App Store. We want to give our customers access to the best software solutions available for use in their day-to-day production. And simultaneously, we are giving software vendors an attractive and convenient sales channel through our IoT platform.

Exploiting the potential of the partner network

We work closely together with leading technology partners and a broad array of software vendors who are integrated into our platform so as to offer out-of-the-box services, including XETICS and C-Labs, for example.

Also for you as an AXOOM partner, you can easily offer your services and network them via the platform.

Are you interested in developing apps for the AXOOM platform?

  • You get the benefit of professional infrastructure, valuable synergies and uncomplicated access to new customer and market segments.

3 steps to the AXOOM platform


You get the opportunity to develop web applications and sell them as AXOOM apps. We support you with development tools, API documentation and much more.


Publishing your apps on the AXOOM platform means you automatically reach your relevant target groups.

Reap success

You can choose between various business models to chart your path to success.

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Looking for a quick, easy and innovative entry to Industry 4.0? Have you discovered a smart solution on this website which meets your needs? Then get in contact with us—we will be pleased to advise you on strategy and provide the know-how necessary to digitally transform your business.