Smart services for
digitizing manufacturing

Die AXOOM Leistungen auf einem Blick

Manufacturing entering

a new dimension

Intelligently networking people, machines and industrial processes to enable more flexible, customized and efficient production—is that a future you can envision? Are those challenges which your company will have to face at some point, but not yet today? Would you like to work with a long-term partner who can support your organization as initiator and adviser, so that you feel confident about the transformation process rather than daunted?

In Industry 4.0, intelligent factories become reality in the manufacturing sector. For introducing smart manufacturing and predictive maintenance into day-to-day production and optimally organizing the production process value chain, the one crucial thing is having the right partner to work with. Also key is getting a 360-degree no-worries package that covers all aspects of the endeavor. So, you can remain focused on running your business while playing an active role in realizing the vision of the smart factory, but without all the pressure. It’s not wishful thinking ... it’s AXOOM.

AXOOM offers a secure turnkey package for enhancing your competitiveness: We help your company develop an individual digitalization strategy, network your machine parks , make them transparent and use the derived data to maximize productivity and efficiency in coordination with partners all along the value chain. Our expanding ecosystem opens up a host of options for growing your business. AXOOM: smart, sustainable solutions for realizing intelligent production.

With AXOOM you are able to design the digital transformation as:
  • MACHINE BUILDER – thanks to our roots in mechanical engineering we understand your needs and the needs of your customers.
  • APP-PARTNER – who is carefully screened, selected and supported by out partner managers to ensure a strong ecosystem.
  • MANUFACTURING COMPANY – you are the primary user of AXOOM solutions in your day-to-day production.
  • SALES PARTNER – because integrators and consulting partners help make our network successful.
Special benefits for machine builders
  • Connectivity solutions for greenfield and brownfield applications
  • Advantage due to machines with a secure cloud connection
  • More efficient service that improves customer relationships
  • New webbased business models
  • Insight into field data for better products and processes
  • Satisfied customers who benefit from AXOOM as well
Special benefits for manufacturing companies
  • Connectivity solutions for machines of any type or age
  • Rapid results: Machine data flows directly into the dashboards
  • Transparency across shop floor and machines
  • Greater capacity utilization, lower production cost
  • Predictive maintenance reducing downtime
  • Improved quality and delivery reliability
AXOOM IoT-Management

AXOOM IoT-Management

Celebrate quick success and decisively increase machine transparency with the AXOOM apps.

AXOOM Consulting

AXOOM Consulting

Realize the digital transformation with implementation strategies and intelligent support.

AXOOM Partner Ecosystem

AXOOM Partner Ecosystem

Join the innovative AXOOM open partner network to generate added value.


Looking for a quick, easy and innovative entry to Industry 4.0? Have you discovered a smart solution on this website which meets your needs? Then get in contact with us—we will be pleased to advise you on strategy and provide the know-how necessary to digitally transform your business.