TRUMPF machines:
smarter with AXOOM

TRUMPF Maschinen: schlauer mit AXOOM
AXOOM has developed numerous ways for an easy entry into the Industry 4.0. One solution developed jointly with the parent company TRUMPF makes the entry a standard.

Since autumn of last year, TRUMPF has been offering most of the new laser, punching and bending machines with a standard interface that enables them to independently connect to the AXOOM platform. There, the transmitted data is bundled and made available to the TRUMPF Machine Apps for evaluation.

Now, Ulrich Faisst, Digital Transformation Officer at TRUMPF, draws a first balance: “In recent months, we have sold a large number of machines with direct Industry 4.0 capability. This helps our customers, who can easily enter the world of TRUMPF networking solutions. And brings many new users to our browser-based TRUMPF Machine Apps, which are ‘powered by AXOOM’.”

The solution for TRUMPF should not remain an isolated case. AXOOM is already working with other machine manufacturers who would like to offer their customers similar networking solutions. “We offer one of the few truly open IIoT platforms,” says Tom Tischner. “That's why it's not only possible, but also important, that many manufacturers and their customers use the AXOOM platform to create an ecosystem that encourages participants to move forward.”

Here you can learn more about the TRUMPF Machine Apps and the people behind them.