Press conference at the AXOOM booth

At the AXOOM press conference at Hannover Messe, AXOOM CEO Tom Tischner and Ulrich Faisst, Digital Transformation Officer at TRUMPF, spoke about the AXOOM Cloud and the possibilities of Industry 4.0.

What is so special about AXOOM? Tom Tischner sums it up like this: “AXOOM doesn't want to suggest colorful solution worlds, but offers real, useful entry paths into Industry 4.0." With AXOOM connectivity solutions, simple coffee machines can be connected to the cloud just as easily as complicated machine tools. According to Tischner, the most important thing is that use remains simple and safe. Ulrich Faisst agrees: “At TRUMPF, we have equipped every machine with the option of connecting to the AXOOM Cloud, thereby creating a new standard.”

Tom Tischner explains what distinguishes AXOOM from other software providers: “We are IT experts with machine builder genes, which is why we understand how both worlds can be brought together. We also offer one of the few truly open IIoT platforms. Within this framework it is not only possible, but also important that many manufacturers and their customers use the AXOOM platform to create an ecosystem that encourages participants to move forward.”

"It is a journey for all players in the market. But we can already show a real platform and scale on this basis."
Dr. Ulrich Faisst

"Reality 4.0 is the starting point for the AXOOM story. We just start, the customer can walk and learn: step by step!"
Tom Tischner