Coffee from the cloud

The AXOOM IoT Café at the AXOOM booth is not only a meeting place for customers, employees and visitors of the Hannover Messe, but also a living example of the digitization possibilities the company offers.

During the Hannover Messe AXOOM presents a very special and delicious live case at its booth: The AXOOM IoT Cafe. It's not just a coffee corner. The machines are networked with the AXOOM Cloud. And that's how it works:

The visitor's order is registered on an iPad, the data is automatically sent to the cloud and recorded in the statistics. The evaluation then shows, among other things, the water and energy consumption for the five different machines and the amount of espresso, coffee and tea that was served. There is also a prediction function: the software uses existing data to calculate how many cups of coffee will be ordered in the next hour.

With the help of the IoT Café, visitors and interested parties can quickly and easily find out what AXOOM has to offer. If even coffee machines without a digital interface can be connected, one can imagine what else is possible. And of course the coffee also tastes good!