Comprehensive consulting
for your digital transformation

Gemeinsam den digitalen Wandel aktivieren

Jointly activating

the digital change

Focus on your business goals: When it comes to digital transformation we support you throughout the entire process of achieving your digitalization objectives as your personal solution partner. AXOOM consultants provide crucial expertise in all phases, from digitalization concept planning to implementation of process and software solutions to ongoing service and support.

Before getting started, one question should be asked: Where does your company stand in the process of digital transformation? At the beginning, or right in the midst of it? Whatever the status of your progress in digitalization, we can provide you crucial advice and assistance. And we do mean ‘crucial’, enabling you to master the complexities of digitizing production with careful planning and rigorous implementation.

Tailored solutions based on best practices: The critical factors for your Industry 4.0 transformation are your business model, your product portfolio and your market environment. We have designed process models which we are able to tailor to meet your individual needs before implementing your strategy step by step, providing 360-degree support. We utilize an ecosystem of select partners that enables us to meet any requirement.

Working with AXOOM will allow you to set the stage optimally for pro-actively realizing a permanent digital transformation on your own.
  • Gain insights into your machines, no matter from which manufacturer.
  • Achieve cost savings through efficient processes.
  • Develop innovative web-based offerings and business models.
  • Achieve a new level of quality in your customer relationships.

Digital transformation in just 4 steps

Business model

Take a structured approach.

  • Define the objective to be achieved
  • Jointly develop of innovation and product ideas and new business models, utilizing Design Thinking and other approaches
  • Conduct feasibility and potential studies to form an optimal basis for your investment decision-making

Develop a concept.

  • Document the specific requirements
  • Identify potential solutions drawing upon our mechanical engineering and IT know-how
  • Prepare a feasible implementation concept, taking the relevant technical details into account

Realize the plan in steps.

  • Deploy a blend of traditional and agile project management methods to ensure rapid, goal-focused realization
  • Support your entire organization using proven change management methods

Assist you with the next steps.

  • Project-related training and awareness courses that empower you to adapt the solutions implemented for changing conditions on your own
  • Provide professional service and support after project completion

Looking for a quick, easy and innovative entry to Industry 4.0? Have you discovered a smart solution on this website which meets your needs? Then get in contact with us—we will be pleased to advise you on strategy and provide the know-how necessary to digitally transform your business.