Your partner for innovative Industry 4.0 solutions

Your partner for innovative Industry 4.0 solutions

The DNA of visionaries

Made of metal and engine grease, with the digital know-how for the future in our genes. As a subsidiary of the TRUMPF Group, mechanical engineering expertise is in our DNA. Launched as a start-up in 2015, today AXOOM GmbH combines highest production know-how and pioneering IT expertise.

Day by day , the roughly 100 employees at the company headquarters in Karlsruhe work to implement smart ideas for the Internet of Things. Our goal: To help machine builders and manufacturing companies take their business into a new dimension in which Industry 4.0 becomes reality.

Open to simplicity

The AXOOM platform is an open operating system for manufacturers and industrial producers that aggregates machinery data and serves apps for optimal machinery transparency and for the entire value chain.

What is the AXOOM platform capable of?

  • Hosting and aggregating machine data
  • Providing a cloud infrastructure for digital offerings
  • Providing apps for production optimization
  • Creating a forum for Smart Factory solutions and new business models
  • Generating network effects benefiting users

Connecting machines to the AXOOM platform is incredibly quick and easy – it’s plug and play. The tremendous networking potential afforded translates into machine efficiency gains of up to 30%.

AXOOM in 3 words

Shaping the future together as partners

We have a passion that we are happy to share with you. We get machines to talk—any machine! We are dedicated to transparency, to analysis and to uncovering optimization potential, and make these things available to you via connection to our AXOOM platform. Plus innovative strategy and process consulting.

Let’s take the big step into Industry 4.0 together – guided by our ingrained drive to innovate!

How to benefit as a member of the AXOOM ecosystem:

  • Machine builders link up smart machines and develop new digital business models,
  • Manufacturing companies enter a new dimension of transparency and productivity,
  • App and sales partners get to exploit the network's huge market potential.

Secure and reliable. The experts at AXOOM make their extensive know-how available to support users of the ecosystem. Together we work with focus to realize your company’s individual digital transformation.


Smart Forward – Your future – powered by AXOOM!

Your future – powered by AXOOM!

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