AXOOM Sets Standards for Industry 4.0 Entry

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“Everything live” – this is the motto for the AXOOM booth at Hannover Messe 2019. “For years, Industry 4.0 has existed more or less as a buzzword. We've come to breathe life into the vision, step by step. At our booth, we've consistently built real use cases with real results, which only require an Internet connection to the customer to present them,” says Tom Tischner, Managing Director of AXOOM. In Hanover, AXOOM shows how to enter the world of Industry 4.0 from many different perspectives.

For example, by making it a standard, as with machine tools from TRUMPF, one of the world's leading high-tech companies. Since autumn of last year, TRUMPF has been offering most of the new laser, punching and bending machines with a standard interface that enables them to independently connect to the AXOOM platform. There, the transmitted data is bundled and made available to the TRUMPF Machine Apps for evaluation. Ulrich Faisst, Digital Transformation Officer at TRUMPF, draws a first balance for Hannover Messe: “In recent months, we have sold a large number of machines with direct Industry 4.0 capability. This helps our customers, who can easily enter the world of TRUMPF networking solutions. And brings many new users to our browser-based TRUMPF Machine Apps, which are ‘powered by AXOOM’.”

The solution for TRUMPF should not remain an isolated case. AXOOM is already working with other machine manufacturers who would like to offer their customers similar networking solutions. “We offer one of the few truly open IIoT platforms,” says Tom Tischner. “That's why it's not only possible, but also important, that many manufacturers and their customers use the AXOOM platform to create an ecosystem that encourages participants to move forward.” Many machine manufacturers are currently facing their customers' digitization needs. The introduction of Industry 4.0 elements, transparency when it comes to individual machines and entire machine pools and the possibilities of predictive maintenance are strategically very popular with many manufacturing companies. Achieving tailor-made solutions for these requirements that can be offered in a standardized way is the goal of AXOOM.

This also applies to the cooperation with Konica Minolta. As a provider of comprehensive IT services, Konica Minolta helps companies optimize their business processes through workflow automation and implements solutions in the areas of IT infrastructure, IT security and cloud environments. That's why AXOOM came to the company's attention. In order to make its product range future-proof, Konica Minolta has launched the so-called “Workplace Hub” as an all-in-one IT services platform. It combines hardware, software and a whole range of applications and services and thus becomes a small data centre. Using the Workplace Hub as an edge component, machines can be connected in the field without the need for an administrator or an own IT. AXOOM enables this connectivity solution for existing machines with networking software developed in-house.

In addition to these examples for large machine and equipment manufacturers, the AXOOM booth also shows how manufacturing companies can network their heterogeneous machine pool directly with the help of AXOOM. “Our engineers are so experienced that, on average, they hardly need 30 minutes to connect a machine – of whatever type and age – to the AXOOM Cloud,” says Tischner. “If we then involve software partners such as the company XETICS, we can realize real smart factory solutions with consistently networked process steps.”

The basis of the whole endeavor is always the open platform solution from AXOOM, which is designed for cooperation and networking. For example, AXOOM provides consulting for the gradual implementation of the digital transformation – but other certified consultants can also present their services on the AXOOM platform. AXOOM offers software for machine monitoring. However, other software experts can also present their solutions on the platform. AXOOM networks all types of machines. Other connectivity solutions can also be used via the platform. And collaboration between IoT platforms is also possible. This is referred to as “coopetition” – a combination of cooperation and competition. “When it comes to platforms, we need to think in bigger dimensions. The relationship between customers and suppliers has changed, often many suppliers provide parts for a complete solution. Therefore, you have to build a smart network and know exactly what added value your own part offers and how to differentiate yourself from the big players, but keep growing with them,” says Tischner.

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Portrait Tom Tischner DOWNLOADAXOOM Managing Director Tom Tischner says: “When it comes to platforms, we need to think in bigger dimensions.”
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