The Smart Factory is within reach: the AXOOM Store launches its first apps

As one of AXOOM’s first innovation-friendly customers, Feinwerktechnik hago is supporting the development of the business platform and relying on its Industry 4.0 solutions

A milestone for AXOOM. All over the Hanover Fair, the business platform for the manufacturing industry is commencing commercial operation with its first apps. Nearly a dozen apps will soon be available within the AXOOM Store, and that’s just the beginning: AXOOM is already working on many other applications together with experts from over 50 partner companies and numerous reference customers, in order to shape the future of production with the digital business platform for Industry 4.0.

AXOOM is an independently operating subsidiary of the machine tool and laser manufacturer TRUMPF. Thanks to the production expertise of the parent company, the platform provider has a profound understanding of the specific challenges faced by production enterprises. With its own premises in Karlsruhe and a fully independent infrastructure, AXOOM is a reliable provider of platform and app services for industry 4.0 for its customers and partners. “Our platform solution is aimed at providing safe and consistent interconnection of all business processes in manufacturing companies,” explains AXOOM Managing Director Florian Weigmann. “What’s important is that machines made by different manufacturers can all be connected to the platform, so that complete production halls can be modeled and intelligently connected.”

Ever since AXOOM GmbH was founded in October 2015, more than 130 initial contacts have taken place with potential cooperation partners. The AXOOM developers are engaged in concrete discussions with more than 50 partners with regard to apps or other types of partnership. The first apps, available after the Hanover Fair, cover the following areas:

  • Material ordering: Contract management by partner company Klöckner greatly facilitates the ordering of raw material. If required, the entire process can be automated.
  • Checking demand for gas: An app by AXOOM partner Linde makes it possible to track the status level of tanks online. Comprehensive statistics, comparisons between consumption periods, and regular reports all support analysis and planning of gas demand.
  • Optimal workflows: 4Tasks, a solution by SKALERO GmbH, ensures that information gets to where it is needed. Escalation management ensures that no task is lost.
  • Work Instructions: An app by VKS (Visual Knowledge Share) for the visual sharing of knowledge makes it possible to instantly create and share work and assembly instructions – including videos, images, tables.
  • Format conversion: Two Apps from the company WiCAM enable different conversion processes that are very useful in practice: one converts 2D CAD drawings to other formats, and the other converts NC programs from one machine into NC programs for another.
  • Calculation: A further app from WiCAM enables the cost of components to be calculated online. The app is available in various different expansion stages, all the way to a webshop.

One of AXOOM’s very first reference customers is the company Feinwerktechnik hago GmbH. It has been an intensive test customer of the open preview phase of the digital business platform over the past few months, and valuable experience gained from this collaboration has been incorporated into the development. For example, hago played a key role in the connection and live transmission of the first machine data, improvement of visualization on the shop floor, and machine status validation. To coincide directly with the official launch of the platform, hago is now using the AXOOM digital business platform’s ‘Machine Performance Dashboard’ to achieve round-the-clock transparency in production.

“Our company philosophy is characterized by the constant willingness to invest in new technologies,” says hago CEO Hartmut Arzner. Over 30 years ago, hago was the first laser customer of TRUMPF: in 1983, the company acquired what at that time was a brand-new laser cutting system. And today, with nearly 700 employees, the company is at the forefront of Industry 4.0 implementation in production. “With the help of AXOOM we want to achieve a new level of transparency and control on the shop floor” says Arzner. “Only in that way is it possible to economically and efficiently produce sheet metal parts of any shape or size – always according to customer requirements, from batch size 1 to several million units per year.”

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AXOOM GmbH, headquartered in the technology region of Karlsruhe, was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of the TRUMPF Group. The company employs around 100 people who see themselves as passionate shapers of the Industrial Internet of Things. With the AXOOM platform, they are developing an open operating system for the industry, which pools data from machines and provides apps for the optimal operation of these machines and the entire value chain. For the benefit of the AXOOM ecosystem: Thanks to AXOOM technology, machine builders can offer smart machines and develop digital business models. Manufacturing companies are experiencing new dimensions of transparency and productivity. App and distribution partners benefit from the marketplace potential of the platform. The experts at AXOOM with their software and mechanical engineering know-how support this ecosystem: They quickly link every machine to the platform, develop individual strategies for digital transformation and thus make AXOOM the initiator and partner of integrated Industry 4.0 solutions.